We keep packaging to a minimum.

 In our search for perfection, we’ve been taking another look at our packaging. Thanks to your massive generosity, feedback and guidance we have flipped our ‘wet weather’ mailbag to a wonderful product developed in collaboration with the London Metropolitan University and Polybags. So you can now sleep easy knowing that our bags are fully biodegradable but still do their job really well.

We use biodegradable packing chips manufactured from starch material. EcoFlo is compostable void fill material and is 100% biodegradable. The product is fully soluble when saturated with water which takes away this issue of litter. It also conforms to EN13432.

We’re sure you appreciate that this in an ongoing ( lifelong ) journey for any social enterprise and we love to learn.

See our News tab for this month’s recycling idea

We believe in the power of money to change the world for the better. By taking shareholders out the picture are building a sustainable Buy One Give One business model that gives products away where they are really needed.

We are proud to be members of the Social Enterprise Scotland and SEUK’s Buy Social campaign.

We believe in being honest. We believe in frank discussions about the future of Hey Girls, admitting when things aren’t quite perfect and trying to improve them on a daily basis.

Manufactured in the People’s Republic of China. The factory is certified to ISO 9001. We ensure our suppliers are compliant modern standards of health and safety, equal opportunities and diversity.

We also ensure that our suppliers are aware of and comply with environmental standards.

Our pads are individually wrapped to serve a functional purpose, we received overwhelming feedback from you, our Hey Girls community asking for individually wrapped pads to carry in your bags and purses.

We have an established list of schools, Food Banks and women’s centers where we distribute our Give One free products. However, it’s always a good idea to ask about freebies.

If we have the capacity to support your event we will do our best to help out. Just drop us an email setting out your event details or requirement to and one of the Hey Girls will respond quickly.