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Norfolk Community Foundation

Hey Girls at the Nourishing Norfolk pantry - group photo

Who are Norfolk Community Foundation?

Norfolk Community Foundation are an independent charity that invests in communities to improve the lives of people in Norfolk.

Among the many services and initiatives it offers is the Nourishing Norfolk programme – the first network of food hubs available in East Anglia – and one we are proud to support here at Hey Girls.

What is Nourishing Norfolk?

The Nourishing Norfolk programme began in 2020 as a response to the need for affordable food for local people.

The first food hub, “The Burrell Shop” opened in Thetford and offered people not only food and household goods at a significantly lower cost, but also free personal hygiene products and advice on housing, finances and confidence.

The programme has since grown to support 11,000 households and help more than 27,000 people struggling with the rising cost of living.

The charity runs its own warehouse and distribution network to ensure a reliable supply of goods for those in need – although had struggled to source free period products for service users.

Hey Girls at the Nourishing Norfolk pantry, Kenninghall

How/when did they find out about Hey Girls?

Victoria Lewis, Supply and Logistics Manager for Nourishing Norfolk, learned of us through Feeding Britain, an organisation which supports charities working around food poverty.

Victoria reached out to Hannah, Kate and the Hey Girls team and the partnership quickly blossomed.

What products have they been using?

Our entire product line is offered through the Nourishing Norfolk network, ensuring every service user’s personal needs can be met.

This includes both our reusable and disposable products, which is important considering some people may not have access to the facilities they need to maintain reusables.

What impact is the partnership having on the people they support?

Our partnership is having a great impact on the lives of the people Nourishing Norfolk supports.

Offering period products free of charge – alongside the savings service users make on food compared to supermarkets – allows people to focus on their bills and other essentials, taking away the need to compromise on period dignity.

Tori Lewis with Hey Girls staff examining products

What do they have to say about Hey Girls?

Jayne, Cabin Co-ordinator at the Dereham Food Cabin, said: “We have had some wonderful feedback on the Hey Girls products.

“They have been life changing for one mum who was having to choose between feeding her little one or buying period products.

“We gave her reusable pads and panty liners and she told us ‘I’m so much more confident, I feel I have been empowered and have my life back!’.

“We’ve also had positive feedback on the quality of the disposable products – I’ve tried the applicator tampons, pads and panty liners myself and have been very impressed!

“People have been overwhelmed to have access to these essential, fantastic quality items for free.”

Heidi, who runs the Kenninghall Pantry, added: “The Hey Girls products are very popular, especially the reusable pads for the teenagers – they have been particularly popular.

“We open the products up a lot and show our customers exactly what they get. Once we show them, they are very impressed and can see what a good quality product they are.

“Everyone that tries the reuseable pads and pants comes back and tells us how much they love them!

“They also seem to enjoy telling us when they are wearing them…  So many times have I heard “I’ve got my period pants on!’”

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