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This week Hey Girls cups hit the supermarket shelves, and we’re so excited to work with ASDA on this. Research shows that one of the reasons that cups are still a ‘niche’ period product is that they can be hard to get hold of. Stocking them in pride of place alongside pads and tampons is a crucial first step to normalising cups, making it easier for folks to make the switch, and saving the planet in the meantime.

Did you know that cups were invented in 1937? – It seems like it’s only in the last few years that they’ve really started to take off. Research by Mintel (2018) shows that 30% of women are interested in switching to more sustainable period products because of environmental concerns. Hey Girls cups are the perfect answer – they’re medical grade silicone, Hypoallergenic, as well as Latex, Phthalate, BPA and Dioxin free.

Cups are one of those magical products that once you try, you can’t quite remember how you ever did without. Just ask as our very own Brand Development Lead, Kirsten, who gave her cup a go after well guided push in the right direction…

“Neatly stacked away in the toiletries-I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with box, my menstrual cup waited patiently. I’d bought it during a networking event late last summer, with the full intention of going home to “pour a glass of wine, draw a bath and have a go”, as recommended by Hey Girls CEO, Celia. A night-in well spent by the sounds of it.

And yet, my little cup remained as a “one day, but not today” venture for over 6 months. The initial purchase was made having already read up on the menstrual cup, and I knew it was the way I wanted to engineer my time of the month.

Beyond matters of comfort or practicality, I actually wanted to use the cup to make my own little contribution to an eco-friendlier period. When I would consider how many tampons I worked through every month, and then considered the same against each of my friends, each of their co-workers and so on – the numbers topping up landfill got a little scary.

And yet, here we were, countless periods gone by and still no closer to even opening the box. What exactly was the issue here?! A fear of the unknown, I guess.

Conveniently for me, I recently joined the Hey Girls team as one of their latest recruits. This meant I saw cups at every turn, and a room full of well-versed women to answer any of my ‘silly’ questions.

I also realised much of my own hesitation came from never before having these factors to hand – I’d only seen cups for sale online, and didn’t actually know another woman who openly used one.

Hey Girls - ASDA Cup Ad

You’ve got to know what you sell. And so, I gave my cup a go.

Now, I would love to give you a long-winded tale of my conquering of the cup, but in true essence of this time-saving tool, I can’t put it much simpler – it was amazing. My patience had obviously worn thin as I didn’t even have a trial day where I layered armours of protection in my knickers (which isn’t a bad idea if you feel you really need it). It was simply a case of get comfy, take a minute, make sure you’re in and off you go.

After a couple of small adjustments, I felt nothing other than a sense of relief, pride and quite honestly, smugness. I spent the rest of that afternoon in a testosterone-induced pub watching the 6 Nations Rugby match, and couldn’t help but giggle to myself… No one in this room has a clue about what I’m wearing, but today I made a commitment to a plastic-free period.”

Our cups retail for only £8.95, making them the most affordable products on the market. Why so cheap? Because Hey Girls is all about people and planet, not profit. We don’t have shareholders, so we can afford to sell high quality cups without a large mark up, making cups accessible to everyone.

Remember – everything with Hey Girls is Buy One Give One. So if you buy a cup from us, we will match it with a donation to someone living in period poverty.

Author – Kirsten Blackburn