Do it in your Hey Girls pants. Period.

That’s our rallying cry!

Inspired by stories from our customer base, we’ve been working behind the scenes to create the perfect period pant.

And FINALLY we can share with you a range of smooth, stylish, and even rather sexy Period and Wee proof pants to suit your every mood.

At Hey Girls, we know that we just want to get on with our day when we are on our period and are unlikely to have the luxury of taking to our beds for comfort, so our launch campaign focuses on real women in all their glory. Strong, supportive and inclusive Hey Girls pants can be worn in all situations.

From the first kernel of an idea all the way through to packing the pants, Hey Girls is all about women and their personal journeys.  

Retired dancers came back to the stage from all walks of life to create the our Period Pants campaign. Now with new careers as makeup artists, producers, choreographers and even a train driver – highlighting that women can do it all and if it’s all in aid of a great cause like Period Poverty then even better.

Dancers know too well the struggles of having to perform in less than ideal circumstances, in between takes Hey Girls quizzed the dancers on their experiences of being on their period during live performances.

Dee – retired dancer and now Train Driver for TFL said: “I’ve done so many videos or shoots with the heaviest period, but you just deal with it! I’m kind of annoyed I’m not doing it in my pants today!”

Kate – dance artist, project manager and mum to 2 year old Hardy said: “I’ve had a couple of disasters with tampons when you’re dancing! Without being too explicit, you use a lot of abdominal muscles when you’re dancing, and this can sometimes force your period protection to become dislodged… so I was really excited to try period pants instead!”

Hey Girls My Period Pants, as with all of our period products are plastic free and Buy One Give One, with each pair being matched with a donation to someone in the UK experiencing Period Poverty. 

The pants come in 6 different styles to suit every body shape, from high leg bikinis to shorties or lace panelled high waiters.  Made from certified organic cotton and bamboo, Hey Girls Period Pants are soft, flexible and breathable, they can be worn day or night and washed easily by hand or in a washing machine.

We believe nobody should feel ashamed of their period, this also applies to the underwear you wear.  The Hey Girls Period Pants don’t compromise on style and are almost indecipherable from regular underwear.

Our founder Celia Hodson said:  “We wanted to make our pants stylish and sexy as well as functional, comfortable and absorbent.  We talked to our customers about what they would want from period underwear in a series of focus groups.  One woman told us how her libido increases while she is on her period, but that most period products don’t reflect that.  She wanted to feel sexy!  So we’ve made sexy AND comfortable pants so that you can feel amazing and desirable, safe with the knowledge you won’t leak!”