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Hey Girls is for consumers who expect more from their period products. We create Buy One Give One products that give back, are ethical, sustainable and made by talented people who are paid the Real Living Wage

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“We produce in small batches and when these are sold we make more. We don’t overproduce without knowing what works and who is going to buy or need them.”

Pricing Policy


We believe in good value every day, not just for a few days each year. Our pricing is based on social impact – Buy One Give One donations, our labour and our creativity. We have a highly-skilled team. Our goods and the way we produce is organic and considered, the way we pack them pack is sustainable and labour intensive. 

Our prices reflect the costs of running a pioneering ethical and sustainable business, which is more interested in social impact and donations than profit.

We produce in small batches and when these are sold we make more. We don’t overproduce without knowing what works and who is going to buy or need them. This means we don’t end up with dead-stock that we could only sell at a discount or give to people as products they don’t really want.

We don’t do seasons and we don’t do product drops. We don’t have different pants for different times of the year, seasons or other forms of entrenched sales days. These are unsustainable for a small social enterprise like ours. 

We have a happy, values-driven team, who work at a steady, pleasurable and manageable pace. We don’t want to cause them or other people the stress born from purchasing without thought and feeling. We promise you will not see our products available at one price on one day, and then see them reduced on the next.

Carbon Offsetting


As a social enterprise that moves products across the globe, we’ve taken a greener approach to how we do things. Naturally, logistics is an area of our business that can be heavily polluting and we’ve taken responsibility to limit the damage our activity can cause.

In 2021, the main way in which we do this is through our partnership with the Forestry and Landscape Scotland, which sees us donate 10% of all our profits. 

This money is used for numerous things; the most beneficial of which is the restoration of carbon absorbing natural space, something which enables us to offset our carbon emissions. 

We have a long-term goal of becoming a 100% carbon neutral company, and one of the ways in which we’re striving to do this is through our support of the restoration of degraded peatland habitats.

Green Parcels


With thousands of deliveries leaving Hey Girls HQ every week, it’s imperative that our packaging aligns with our eco-conscious ethos. 

As such, all elements of Hey Girls parcels are completely compostable or recyclable. 

We’ve substituted traditional plastic tape with gummed paper that contains vegetable glue. It’s not only 100% recyclable and compostable but also more effectively safeguards products as the packaging is more secure and tamper-proof. 

We’ve phased out Doy packs and bubble wrap, use paper fill, chips made from potato and corn starch, and 100% compostable mail-out bags.


Carbon Offsetting

Sustainable Sourcing

We source from over 16 countries and territories around the world. All our suppliers must adhere to our key sustainability initiatives so that all our components are responsibly sourced. What’s more, we’ve partnered with suppliers whose ingredients give back to the community.

Some examples include Rethinkpackaging and BIDBI and others who work within a business framework called the triple bottom line.

It can be challenging to source specific organic, recycled and biodegradable components. They are often expensive; however, buying large volumes allows us to bring our customers the lowest impact and sustainably-made products at a lower price, while being eco-conscious.


We’re a social enterprise, a Community Interest Company (CIC) and the business founders are directly involved in the day-to-day running of the business.

We put customers first, above all. Our structure is built to deliver uncompromising service.


We value people above process. We recruit passionate and committed self-starters who are given plenty of scope and responsibility. There is a weekly company meeting where we chat about everything from our current campaigns to new donation partners with the whole team. 

Everyone is involved in delivering our objectives. We share the business numbers and – importantly – we celebrate success, however big or small.

We act with integrity. Our workplace integrity starts with honesty, decency and trustworthiness, and by being straightforward in all we do.


A large number of our period products are made in Europe, however some items – including our bamboo pads and menstrual cups – are manufactured by partner companies for us in China*.

Whilst we would absolutely LOVE to have our products manufactured in the UK, financially it would mean we couldn’t offer the ‘give one’ part of our business.

Which is our whole reason for being. As we grow and scale, we would certainly look into local production.  

Another reason we manufacture in China currently is to avoid importing materials, which would increase our carbon footprint. As the raw materials are sourced in China, too, it makes sense for our products to be made there.

We thoroughly audit and vet our suppliers to ensure they follow the highest standards of production and staff welfare. We also request to see documents outlining their own supply chains before we buy. Once travel restrictions lift, our CEO and Head of Operations will be regularly visiting our Chinese manufacturing sites to ensure ethical and environmental standards are being met.

Back in the UK, we have two small – but perfectly-formed – teams (one in Diss in Norfolk and one in Musselburgh in Scotland) who then pack and ship your products once they have arrived.

We would like to reassure you that ethical, sustainable and environmental best practices are always at the forefront of our minds and we are working tirelessly to ensure we can be as green and kind as possible when creating our products.

If you have any further questions about our green credentials, supply chain or sustainable practices, please contact us.

*Sugar cane applicator tampons – Slovenia, non applicator tampons – Slovenia, my period pads – Slovenia, cardboard applicator tampons – Israel, fabric for pants – Italy but sewn in China and fabric for black reusable pads – Italy but sewn in China

"Hey Girls does not fit the system and the system does not fit the world. Hey Girls is different by design. The world, as it is, isn't good enough and if we want it to change, we have to behave differently. We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We can't simply lament, we have to act."

— Founder & CEO, Celia Hodson —

The Hey Girls Buy One Give One Journey

Have you ever wondered how we go about creating our award-winning Buy One Give One period products and how they are distributed to people that need them? Check out our infographic below.


We're signed up to the UN's global goals


Here at Hey Girls, we are actively working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – commonly known as the Global Goals. Established in 2015, this collection of 17 interlinked goals have been designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The goals were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by the year 2030.

We are actively working on: No Poverty, Good Health and Wellbeing, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action & Life Below Water

You can find out more by visiting THE 17 GOALS | Sustainable Development (




We’re serious about climate change. As part of our commitment, we have joined the UK government’s new campaign to encourage small businesses to go green.

As a UK ‘Business Climate Leader’, we’re signing up to halve our carbon emissions by 2030 and end our contribution to climate change completely before 2050 — a milestone aimed at avoiding the worst effects of climate change while ensuring business viability.

It makes sense for our business, our customers and the planet. We’ll take concrete steps to reduce our emissions as part of our climate commitment.

Our ECO credentials