From Period Poverty to Period Dignity, Holyrood Magazine

“A business would never let their staff be without paper, pens, or toilet roll, so why don’t they provide period products.”

Hey Girls have been working with Holyrood magazine for their “Women’s Issues” November special edition. Our Education & Impact Manager, Molly, chatted with the Holyrood team on the links between period poverty and period dignity.

These are two subjects that go hand in hand when combating the stigmas attached to periods, and Hey Girls are proud to stand at the forefront of supporting public and private sectors who want to join our mission.

Providing education in schools tells students that periods are nothing to be scared of – it happens to everyone. Providing products to those students, members of staff and the wider UK workforce, protects, empowers and encourages the normalisation of periods.

Thank you Holyrood Magazine for featuring Hey Girls in your Women’s Issue’s special – check it out in print and online!

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From Period Poverty to Period Dignity