Hey Girls supports Environmenstrual Week

This October Hey Girls is supporting the first ever Environmenstrual Week of Action (Saturday 13 to 20 October), aiming to raise awareness of environmentally friendly sanitary products.

Environmenstrual Week has been organised by Women’s Environmental Network (WEN), together with Thames Water and Anglian Water and a coalition of 35 activists, social enterprises and menstrual-prenuers, including Hey Girls. It aims to raise awareness of single use plastics in period products and promote reusable alternatives.

Celia Hodson, Founder of Hey Girls, said: “The whole Hey Girls team is exceptionally proud of our high quality, environmentally friendly products. For example, our pads are made from bamboo and corn fibre, and come in a biodegradable wrapping. Our tampons are 100% organic cotton, are fully biodegradable and plastic free, and both products come in easy to recycle packaging. And, of course, we sell long lasting, reusable products too – these are also plastic free.

“Reusable pads and cups are easy to use and last a very long time, which means they’re great for the environment and your pocket too. However, we know that reusable products aren’t suitable for everyone. We know that disposable products have their place, and that’s why we offer a choice.

“Our Buy One Give One model means that we match every sale with a donation to someone that needs it – and that’s always an identical product. We don’t think that anyone should have to compromise on the quality of sanitary products just because they’re getting them for free – we believe in quality, and period equality, for all”.

Find out more about Environmenstrual Week on the Women’s Environment Network website.