Introducing our new best friend: The Hey Girls Applicator Tampon!

What do we want?
Period products that don’t cost the earth but also feel comfy and are easy to use!
When do we want it?

As always, you asked, we listened. Hey Girls are over the moon to introduce the UK to its first compostable, completely plastic free and 100% organic Applicator Tampon! This smooth operator is available in regular and super absorbencies, and is pretty much top of our list when it comes to having the ultimate eco-friendly period.

Here’s 5 things you need to know about our latest member of the team:

The bio-based compact applicator is made from sugar cane extract. This means your applicator is compostable, so when you’ve put it to work pop it in your compost bin and hey presto – you’ve recycled your first ever applicator!

  • Our same top quality completely plastic free 100% organic cotton tampon lies within. BPA-free, vegan friendly goodness only please.
  • It feels and works exactly like any other applicator tampon. And trust us, we’ve been around the block on this one…
  • Each girl that features on the front of our 5 new applicator boxes are part of the Hey Girls family. They may work with us, volunteer, hand out our donations or spread the Hey Girls word, these girls are all REAL!
  • Our BuyOneGiveOne model still applies – for every box you buy, you also get to help a UK girl in need.
  • You can shop our applicator tampons exclusively on the Hey Girls website! And just like that, you have another reason to be #PeriodProud.

(Your health and safety is always our top priority! Please use the lowest suitable absorbency for your flow and change your tampons regularly. All details on TSS can be found enclosed each box of product.)