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Reusable period products – your guide on making the switch

enviro week

Make the Switch This #EnvironmenstrualWeek

We’re celebrating #EnvironmenstrualWeek! ♻️?❤️

Which is great news, as it means we get to join a global conversation on how to improve the effects of menstrual waste on our planet. One of our favourite pastimes.

Everyone deserves access to high quality, plastic free period care – which is why we are making it our mission to empower and educate our community on the significance of choosing eco-friendly period products!


Did you know up to 200,000 tonnes of disposable period waste fill the UK’s landfills every year? Not only that but period products are one of the most common found litters on British beaches.

When you consider that mainstream period pads can contain up to 5 plastic bags in every pack that’s not good news. By making the switch to reusable period products, you can help reduce waste and lessen landfill. Cloth pads, cups or pants – there are plenty of options, the choice is yours!


Hey Girls Period Pads

  • Perfect for day or night, they work exactly the same as a regular pad – only better.
  • Wash me at 40 and hang me out to air dry (on your radiator if you like).
  • I come with a handy wet bag for safe keeping.


  • Waaaay less changes… wear them all day or all night long!
  • Choose from a range of styles to suit your flow and body shape.
  • Rinse clean and pop them in with your weekly wash.


Cups both + CupCup pink

  • I can be worn for up to 12 hours and come in small or large sizes.
  • I’ll last around 7-10 years!
  • I can be sterilised in boiling water, or with a handy cup-cup.

Keen to help us save the planet, one period at a time? Take your pick! The time to try a reusable has never been easier. Make sure you tag us with your favourite plastic free product to join the #PeriodProud campaign ❤️