Pick and mix Sani Pads

The Hey Girls second container of Buy One Give One Sanitary Pads arrived at the warehouse today with our fantastic new bulk cartons. These super donation cartons of 500 pads, along with our boxes of 10 Pads, offers greater flexibility for our schools and women’s centre partners. We want to keep pushing to find the best way to meet the needs of our community and we’ve learned that sometimes we need to offer a more discreet option. So our bulk boxes are placed alongside our Hey Girls boxes of 10 pads with plain paper dispensing bags so anyone can just grab a couple of pads if they find themselves caught short, or take a few whopping handfuls and drop them into our pick and mix bags to last them over the weekend our holidays. We ask our donation partners not to headcount or take note of who takes what – we believe offering menstrual product donations on a trust model is the only way to reduce the stigma of Period Poverty.

Thanks to the amazing teachers who continue to keep us up to date with student feedback – eradicating Period Poverty is a full team collaboration things!