Say Hello to the world of Reusables!

Your new wardrobe staple is right this way…


We are over the moon to introduce you to MY PERIOD PANTS – a range of sustainably made, high tech, uber-sexy and ultra-comfy knickers! These pants have been designed with you in mind, making sure we have something that fits into any walk of life, and catches any type of flow. 

Our pants are available in medium and heavy absorbencies, and have been created using tech fabric that leaves you feeling dry and care free. Be it shorties, bikini or high waist, we have a feeling you’ll fall in love with a style to suit your own.

These guys can be worn to replace your pad or tampon, and like all good reusables keep you feeling confident all day long. Just because we’re talking high quality, doesn’t mean we need to practice high maintenance. When you’ve finished wearing your pants for the day, simply rinse them under cold water until clear, and then pop into the washing machine Yep, it’s really as easy as that!  

Leakproof, sustainable, and of course plastic free. Can it get much better? You’re shopping with Hey Girls – of course it does! Every pair of pants you buy for yourself, you are also buying one for someone living in Period Poverty.

Helpful tip; try not to use fabric softener when you’re machine washing your pants – the chemicals can lower the absorbency of the fabric! Stick on a 40’ wash and keep these babies in perfect nick for years to come.

And if you’re feeling inspired now… Wait until you see what else we have in store.


Never a truer word spoken. You can always rely on the Hey Girls community to provide us with some honest feedback. Like our pants, you can care for your pads with just a simple rinse and wash. Just fasten around your knickers to give you a little hug where you maybe need one most. Our cloth pads are made from bamboo fibres, come in day and night absorbencies, and even have a little wet bag so you can get through your sustainable-cycle with not a care in the world.

Helpful tip; got a teenager about to start their period for the first time? Our reusable pads could be the answer. Here at Hey Girls, we have seen a huge spike in interest from eco-conscious teenagers who want to start their period on the right path. Super comfy and absorbent, they could be the perfect little addition to any school bag (they even fold up into little parcels to make them even more discrete!).


The heroine of the reusable tribe, the menstrual cup is here to make a statement. Dating way back to the 1930’s, the cup has been around long enough to know how to handle any flow – and in 2020, it’s making a major comeback.

Hey Girls cup are made from medical grade silicone, latex free, and super soft. We have created 2 sizes for you to choose from – because everybody is different, but everyone deserves to experience a leak-proof period. You can wear this little gem for up to 10 hours, so you really don’t need to worry about the logistics of changing too much. Try and time when you need to empty your cup to where you feel at home, and have nearby access to a sink to rinse her out. For this game, practice makes perfect. It may take a couple of tries to work out where you cup finds its ‘pop’, but once you get there, you can have one of the most discrete and relaxed periods ever.

Helpful tip; changing in the shower makes things a whole lot easier, especially as you’re already warm and relaxed, as well as making insertion swift and simple.

The trend of reusable period products is most definitely on the rise. We can all take some pride in making small steps to a brighter future, teaching our friends and family just how much of an impact they too can have when considering the switch from plastic-full, to plastic-free.  

When you buy from Hey Girls, you are supporting a movement. One that gives back, to your planet and to your community. So, when you #DOITINYOURPANTS, rock your lady-bits dressing gown or #GIVEACUPAGO, you know you’ve helped make a positive change in the way we live, nurture, work and play. Thank you – and show us how you’re living the movement!