Reusable Pantyliners


A new edition to the Hey Girls re-usable range! Our new reusable panty liners are here to give you a little extra protection and peace of mind, either on lighter period days or just for everyday wear.

  • Buy One Give One Reusable Pantyliners
  • Made from layers of micro-fibre bamboo
  • High performing fabric to prevent leaks
  • Soft, flexible, comfortable
  • Washable and quick to dry
  • Pack of 5 with wet bag

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Made from the same super soft bamboo as our 5 star rated reusable pads, the reusable pantyliner can hold up to 20ml of liquid.  Containing 5 pads, with a handy Hey Girls wet bag for storing your used or un-used pads.

100% reusable, you can wear, wash and wear again!

Measuring 7.5cm in length.

Caring for your reusable pads is super simple, follow these four easy steps.


Rinse under cold water until it runs clear.


Either hand wash in warm water or run on a 30℃ – 40℃ wash cycle.


Once out of the wash, stretch the sides of the pads to keep it’s shape.


Either air dry or pop on the radiator.  Then you’re ready to wear your panty liners again!


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