RED Reusable Day or Night Pads

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Period products that are good for the planet!

5 x reusable day pads and wet bag, easy to clean by hand or machine.

A medium length pad perfect to wear throughout your cycle.

Period products that are good for the planet!

5 x reusable day pads and wet bag, easy to clean by hand or machine.

A medium length pad perfect to wear throughout your cycle.
Packaging designed to be zero waste with period tracking chart inside that can be used for up to a year.

Winged design with poppers to secure in any underwear.

Super soft and sustainable sourced.

You buy one. We donate one.
We’ll match your order exactly as a donation to someone facing period poverty.

Hey you, did you know… Hey Girls Reusable Period Pads are award winning!
Just ask, Vogue UK, Cosmopolitan, Glamour UK and Good Housekeeping.

Made with:
Sustainably sourced bamboo and certified organic cotton
TPU coated polyester

Made without:
Perfumes, Bleach or Toxins

How long can I wear reusable pads for?

Our reusable period pads keep you leak free and secure for up to 12 hours! They are available in three absorbencies for each stage of your cycle: reusable panty liners, day pads or night pads.

Can I wear reusable products with any underwear?

Yes! Each reusable liner or pad has wings and poppers to keep them in place just like a disposable pad.

Won’t the fabric get wet and leak into my underwear?

Our reusable pads are cleverly designed with super absorbent layers to lock liquid in place. The sustainable materials used to make our pads, naturally soak up quickly so you can remain leak free for up to 12 hours.

How do I wash my reusable pads?

One of the best things about our reusable pads is that they can be washed by hand or machine! Be sure the water isn’t hotter than 40 degrees and let them air dry too. For detailed wash instructions, see the Care Instructions section.

How long do reusable products last?

Reusable liners and pads can last for up to 5 years! That’s a massive amount of waste you’re saving from going to landfill.

37 reviews for RED Reusable Day or Night Pads

  1. Katie

    Love these! But I wish they came in more designs and that the bag was bigger to store the clean ones and dirty ones separately! Very comfy though and defo recommend!

  2. Natasha Philp

    Absolutely adore these pads. So comfortable , leak proof and breathable.Easy to clean , no staining on the pad. Super absorbent. No more stressing about going out to buy plastic pads. Once my period is done they are clean and ready to go for next month.

  3. Louise C

    I got these from my local education centre and they are amazing!! I didnt like the thought at first however, after using them I can honestly say i will not go back to normal store bought pads. They are comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off, they dont smell, are very easy to clean and dried overnight with no issues.

  4. Aimee

    Extremely happy with them! Super comfy and easy to use, washed really well and make me feel a lot better knowing they wont end up in landfill. Cant recommend them enough!

  5. Laura A.

    Was sceptical, but I’m very happy with the day pads. Disposable pads give me a rash, these dont. They’re soft, comfortable and easy to wash and dry. Now I know this I intend to but the night pads and some pants too! Thank you so much for this brilliant product.

  6. Sarah

    Super soft and amazingly absorbent, best reusable pads I’ve tried by far. Thank you Hey Girls 🙂 Only suggestion is could you offer a bundle of mixed sizes rather than five of the same?

  7. Anonymous

    The pads are great, very absorbent and I much prefer them to the disposal ones I used to use but I think it would be better if the bag had two compartments to separate used and unused pads.

  8. Rebecca

    Great product! Really well made, soft and comfy. I purchased the night set, though I also use them for the day – they are slightly noticeable if wearing tight jeans – but are otherwise perfect. I was initially worried that the length of the night pad looked too long but it is just right. I haven’t experienced any leaks and they stay in place well. I love how neat it looks with the matching bag – this is a set definitely worth investing in!

  9. Lyndsey N.

    I was really impressed with the pads. They are slightly bigger than I was expecting but I was able to wear them during the day while at work and had no problems with them. I was a bit worried about how well they clean up but it is so easy and they clean up great. I’ll never go back to disposable pads again!

  10. Laura

    Asked for these for Christmas…a wierd present I know! I’ve now used them for the first time and won’t be going back to plastic pads! They are comfortable, stay in place and easy to wash. Also they don’t smell!!! Very very pleased and will be encouraging everyone I know to shift over to them!

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