Today F***ing sucks. – Lucy Evers

Our community remains at the heart of everything we do. So when they speak up, we listen. The fantastic writer and creator of the @myfirstperiod podcast, Lucy Evers, has shared with us her own experiences of living with Endometriosis. With little time, money or awareness raised on the subject, endometriosis often goes undiagnosed.

We hope by sharing Lucy’s words, we can offer some comfort to other #EndoWarriors, whilst shining a vital spotlight on female health conditions as a whole. We urge our community to speak up, find comfort in one another, and realise that it’s ok to admit that today f***ing sucks.

today f***ing sucks
more than it did yesterday
because today I’ve been stuck
glued to a sofa by agony
weighed down by a hot water bottle filled with
‘it’s just a bad period’
filled to the brim with
‘it’s only once a month’
a hot water bottle
that I cannot live with out
because having chronic pain sucks when it’s misunderstood
when it’s deemed all in your head when it’s disregarded as
‘women’s problems’
but not only women bleed
I’m not currently bleeding
so my pain must be fake
do you see why we complain
do you feel our pain
no, because a conversation
that lasts for longer than 1.4 seconds is too hard for you to bear
but a life time of unavoidable unwanted agony is something I would never wish on my worst enemy because today f***ing sucks because Endometriosis f***ing sucks.

– Lucy Evers

If you would like to find out more about Endometriosis or seek support, please visit Endometriosis UK.

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