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Types of Period Products

Whether it’s your first period, or you’re looking for a change, choosing the right period products for your lifestyle can sometimes be a daunting task. In honour of #SexualHealthAwarenessWeek, we’ve put together our A-Z guide on what products are out there, so you can find the right fit for your flow. 


The holy grail of period care. For many of us, this is where our journey with period products begins. Hey Girls period pads are made from soft, absorbent materials like corn starch and bamboo. These guys have a natural glue that peels off of its wrapper and sticks neatly to your knickers. The wings are designed to wrap around the crotch of your pants, so it stays put. They also come in different absorbencies for day and night time. Find the right fit and you’ll forget you’re even wearing one. Just remember to change every 4 hours or so to keep yourself comfy and dry.

Why choose period pads?

They’re great for the first time period – well, any period really! A good option if you have sensitivity to insertion.


You can’t flush period pads down the toilet; wrap it and bin it.  Always change every few hours to keep you feeling fresh, and to keep your vulva happy.

Hey Girls - hands holding Pad
Hey Girls Period Pads


For some, they’re the every day essential. For others, they come in most useful at the very beginning or end of your cycle. Pantyliners are a very thin ‘mini pad’ that can bring peace of mind to someone who feels the need for a little added protection. Simply stick and wear them on top of your pants, and change them every few hours.

Why choose pantyliners?

Pantyliners are ideal for a little added protection against heavy discharge, spotting, or to wear when you think your period is about to arrive (or has already left!).


Pantyliners are not an essential part of everyday life. They’re perfect for some, but they do not keep your vagina clean – it does that all by itself.


Applicator or digital, what’s the difference? Every one of Hey Girls tampons are made from organic cotton, but there are a couple of ways you can use them. Applicator tampons come wrapped in a sugar cane tube that pulls apart to make it easier for you to insert into your vagina. The digital tampons don’t have any special device, you can just use your fingers to guide the tampon inside. Tampons can take a bit of getting used to if you’ve only ever worn pads, but you don’t need to worry about them falling out or getting lost. Just always make sure you fully insert, and keep the pull string between your legs for when you want to remove. They should never be worn for more than 8 hours and always check the box for instructions before your first use.

Why choose tampons?

If you’re on the go a lot and want to have something small and discreet to carry with you, tampons are your friend.

Once they’re in, they can be a really comfortable type of period care.


Always read the safety instructions that come with your tampons; 4-8 hours is the general wear time.

If you think you’ve gotten a tampon stuck, lost, or can’t remember taking it out, don’t panic! It happens to everyone. Your doctor will have definitely dealt with this before, so just make an appointment to see someone as soon as possible.


The menstrual cup is one of the oldest period inventions we have, and is making a massive comeback in today’s period world. This bell shaped beauty can be worn for up to 12 hours, and if looked after correctly, will keep you company for up to 10 years. The cup is a perfect companion if you’re eco-minded like us. Those who are willing to get to know their bodies a bit better, and put in a little practice will reap the benefits of this environmentally-friendly winner.

Why choose a menstrual cup?

Eco warrior? Prone to laziness? Then the menstrual cup is for you. Once you get the hang of it, gone are the days of constant changing. Instead, you can enjoy the smugness that comes with having a truly sustainable period every month.


The cup doesn’t suit everyone. There are plenty of other reusable and eco-friendly options for you to choose from.

Your cup should be sterilised before first use and at the end of every cycle. Try our sterilising pot to keep your cup clean and happy.


Reusable day and night pads work just like a regular disposable pad, and if you’re looking for the comfiest, cosiest, smoothest pad in town, look no further. The magic of our reusable day and night pads lies in their super-soft bamboo fibre fleece. Wrap around your knickers and pop the button to keep them in place, and off you go! Hello plastic free-periods. When you’re ready to swap, just rinse the pads clean and pop in your wash.

Why choose reusable cloth pads?

If you want the practicality of using reusables, but are looking for some added TLC in your period care.


You’ll need to give them a little extra time to dry. If you take care when washing, your pads will be there to provide period care for years to come.


Whether you want to protect yourself on lighter days, against spotting or heavy discharge, period pants go from absorbing 3 to 5 tampons worth of period. That means you can wear one pair all day long, and get on with going with the flow. In fact, period pants are the latest addition to the Hey Girls range. Made from cotton and bamboo and available in 7 exciting designs, these have been made to suit every kind of flow. Give these pants a go and you won’t want to turn back.

Why choose period underwear?

If you like low maintenance periods (who doesn’t?). Pull up your pair and get on with your day. Then when you’re done, rinse out and pop in the wash.

Every level of period can make use of the pants – whether it’s your first period, or you’re on your way to your last, these pants will protect.


Like any reusable, you’ve got to give it a bit of time before you can hop back in. Always leave plenty time to air dry, and placing on a radiator will help speed up the process.

Try and avoid strong conditioners when washing too, as the chemicals can affect the absorbency of the pants.