Hey Girls X Snag Tights

Nothing makes us happier than working alongside like minded business who produce great quality product, and inspire change.

We are delighted to share our most recent collaboration with Snag Tights, a company that embodies the very nature of inclusivity, fun and confidence. These super comfy tights are about to go the extra mile, and become part of the Hey Girls family.

You already know Hey Girls are built on a #BuyOneGiveOne model, and we want to continue to spread a little more joy with our donation partners across the UK. Snag have donated tights in all shapes, colours and sizes to distribute along with our period products! That means every box of Hey Girls you buy not only gives someone else living in Period Poverty the same product, but they will now also receive a pair of gorgeous Snags!

We are so excited to be working alongside Snag, and hope you all feel inspired to put your buying power to great use. When you choose to buy from Hey Girls, you are empowering and enabling your local community, whilst supporting businesses that are here to make a change for the better! Thank you!