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Meet the team

founder & ceo

Chat to me if you want… To know about setting up a business for social purpose and what I wish I’d known then that I do now.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… Our bamboo and corn starch pads. Not that I don’t adore all of our products, but these beautiful plastic-free sustainable beauties were the first product we created, so have a special place in my heart. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing sustainable crops – anything that’s good enough for pandas, right! 

My fun fact is… I won a Blue Peter badge for my Road Safety Poster when I was 9 years old.

Mum to Chris, Becky and Kate, and Granny to Eva, Hardy and Harlo.

donation & Education director

Chat to me if you want… To become one of our amazing donation partners and offer free period products to the people that need them in the UK or want to learn about periods.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… Our beautiful organic bamboo period pads. I wore one every day when I was heavily pregnant for any accidental leaks with a baby sat on my bladder. They were also a post-partum saviour when you want something smooth on your very sensitive parts. 

My fun fact is… Watching videos of wild horses running free makes me cry. Every. Single. Time. 

Mum to Harlo (a very sassy 3 year old) and 3 fur babies.  


Tracy Logistics

Chat to me if you want… To know about all things Logistics, customer lead times and invoicing.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… I have to say I’m a cup kinda girl, the only thing I regret is not knowing about them before I joined Hey Girls, or I would have converted years ago!

My fun fact is… I entered a Body Building competition years ago with PHD Whey, I came second! I also completed my first ultra-marathon last year and am hoping to do another in the future.

Second Mum to Tazmin and Kane, and Furmum to Kai and Loki.


Chat to me if you want… To stock your school, shop, library, University, business, or just about anywhere, with high quality, eco-friendly period products.  No matter how big or small your order I’m happy to chat product types, volumes, order processes, dispensing options and more!

My favourite Hey Girls product is… Period pants, the perfect solution to periods! Being comfy, easy, discreet and reusable, I couldn’t ask for more!

My fun fact is… Before settling down in the real world I spent several winters as a chalet girl in the Alps (a little piece of my heart will forever be in the mountains!), whilst there I hosted both Geri Halliwell and Sir Paul McCartney. I may even have played his guitar!

Mum to Arlo and Toren.


Chat to me if you want… To know about accounting, Stock control, Business operations, WooCommerce.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… All the period products we donate; that’s why Hey Girls exists.

My fun fact is… I passed my FA Soccer coaching certificate some years ago – I await the call.


Chat to me if you want… To know how
we budget, manage and keep check of the finances at Hey Girls.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… The period

cup! They’re fantastic for travelling light and save so much waste!

My fun fact is… A few years ago I took all the money I’d been saving up for buying a house and went backpacking for over a year. I booked a one way ticket to Beijing and made my way across 7 countries.

As well as working at Hey Girls I run a small construction company. Don’t ask me to use a saw near you if you want to keep your fingers though!


Rechenda Smith Hey Girls

Chat to me if you want… to find out more about our marketing and communications campaigns. We are all about the co-hustle, so if you’d like to collaborate, just drop me a line. I look after marketing strategy, messaging, social, ads, PR, email & events.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… The set of ‘My Period Flash Cards’. Such a cool and fun way to start positive conversations about periods. They’re great for your kids but also an awesome tool for teachers, youth club leaders or other community workers because they come with lesson plans and activity ideas. My Period Flash Cards really get the conversations flowing!

My fun fact is… I hold grade 5 qualification in classical guitar and have hiked up 4 mountains!



Chat to me if you want… To be part of any special projects and campaigns we have coming up. We have lots of exciting ideas in the works including expanding internationally! Get in touch with me for all things branding, subscription services and period pants too.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… Our new all black reusable pads. Who knew periods could be stylish?! They’re good for your body and for the planet!

My fun fact is… I travelled around America for 3 months with a group of people I’d never met before, some of which I now call my best friends! We camped the entire time in some of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.


Chat to me if you want… To know more about how we work with our registered donation partners, tackling period poverty in the UK. Parcels filled with donations of Hey Girls products from day pads to period pants are dispatched every week on their way to help someone in need. 


My favourite Hey Girls product is… My 12-year old daughter and I LOVE the reusable pads. They are so soft, absorbent, comfortable, easy to use and easy to wash – plus no plastic or waste involved! The wet bag is super cute too.

My fun fact is… I might have been a familiar face on TV if I’d taken up the offer of a job to be an extra in Eastenders. I would have been in The Queen Vic sitting next to Phil if it hadn’t have clashed with my Uni Degree final exams. Oh, and I gave birth on Christmas Day!

Happy mum to Emilia and Thomas and ‘the girls’ our guinea pigs.


Chat to me if you want…  To know how to be organised, how to use computer software & talk all things business administration.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… The panty liners. This period product I use regularly and it is so soft it makes my pants more comfortable.

My fun fact is… My surname means parsley. On the second day in high-school my classmate didn’t remember my name and started guessing. This is how I got my nickname, carrot. I’m not a fan of the vegetables though.


Hey Girls YoYo

Chat to me if you want… Help organising a large amount of data in a spreadsheet and move at speed with a pallet trolly in our warehouse at Diss.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… Our sugar cane applicator tampons, they are super comfy and compact. I also love our period pants as they are zero waste.

My fun fact is… I go home to China every year. I now don’t even need to take my bank card with me as everything can be paid in China via an app!

dispatch team

Chat to me if you want… To know about working in the Hey Girls dispatch team and how we make sure that you receive your order in a lovely little parcel.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… The “First Period Kit” and “My Period cards”. As a mum to an 11 year old girl, they are ideal to get the conversation flowing (pardon the pun), and the fab little wash bag in the first period kit is a firm favourite with my daughter to keep everything in.

My fun fact is… I have a home account on Instagram, and when I was very young I got to dance on stage in Edinburgh with Five Star – I just love cheesy singalong music!

Mum to my own fantastic four Ryan, Cameron, Stefan and Zara.


Chat to me if you want… To know about all our amazing Hey Girls products and how we work together in our Dispatch team.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… The Hey Girls Panty liners and I also love the “Pads for Dads” kits – such a great idea

My fun fact is… I never thought that six years ago where I used to do Pole Fitness classes would be where I would work in our fantastic Hey Girls head office

Mum to Cameron, Finlay, Shane, Alfie and Frank the dog.

dispatch team

Chat to me if you want… To know about pick and packing the Hey Girls products, despatching bulk and small packages. 

My favourite Hey Girls product is… Applicator tampons as these are very comfortable.

My fun fact is… Some pupils in my high school were picked by the London Ballet to do a production of Cinderella at the Kings Theatre in Glasgow, and I was one of the pupils. I also took part in the strongest school girl in Scotland and Britain for weight lifting and came second in the competition – it was on the National News!

Mum to Lori and Arran.


Shelley Hey Girls

Chat to me if you want… To know how the Diss Dispatch team pick, pack and dispatch all the lovely products and send them on their way to all corners of the UK. 

My favourite Hey Girls product is… The vast array of period pants, so many great styles and you get the extra feel good factor of helping the environment by reducing landfill waste. 

My fun fact is… I worked as a rhino keeper for 17 years. The best noise in the world is a super cute burping sound a rhino makes when they are content.


Zoe Chestman

Chat to me if you want… Find out more about how we lovingly pack and send out products to people in need via home packs and to community partners.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… Definitely is the reusable pantyliners! Not only can you use them over and over again, they also come in a little waterproof bag, making them practical.

My fun fact is… I once won a karaoke contest with a cold and won a trip to Wales! 


Chat to me if you want… chat to someone that arranges the packaging and delivery on your lovely order from Hey Girls. 

My favourite Hey Girls product is… It’s got to be the tampons; they are easy to use, and  I love the buy one, give one element of all our products.

My fun fact is… I helped raise £3,500 for Mind and Endometriosis UK by tackling a Tough Mudder.


linda hey girls sustainable period products

Chat to me if you want… if you want to know how we carefully pack all our beautiful products with love and care to arrive to you beautifully packed I am so grateful to be part of the Hey Girls Team.

My favourite Hey Girls product is… Pads for Dads this is an amazing pack .. and also all the reusable product we stock to helping the environment and cost savings as well  

My fun fact is… I won  the manager of the year an all expenses paid family trip to Euro Disney in the 90s, which was like winning the lottery back then and so much fun…I also love to meditate and do mind body and spirit courses to help my well being.