Myth Buster

  1. You can’t go swimming when you have a period.

    There is no reason to not go swimming when you have your period. Using tampons, and changing them regularly, your period is secured whatever activity you take on.

  2. You should avoid sex when you have your period.

    Sex during your period is fine as long as you and your partner are both consenting, but remember that having your period doesn’t prevent the risk of pregnancy.

  3. You can lose your virginity by using a tampon.

    Your virginity is a “status” that can only be changed by having intercourse.

  4. Exercise is bad for you when you have your period.

    Exercising is almost always good for you. If you have cramps during your period, exercise is actually the most effective cure, releasing endorphins into the blood and relieving cramps.

  5. You cannot get pregnant when you have your period.

    It is possible for ovulation to occur during your period therefore it is possible for you to get pregnant when you have your period.

  6. Your period comes every 28 days.

    Cycles vary from person to person and from cycle to cycle, especially in the beginning of your period. Other reasons for irregular period cycles could be stress, travelling between time zones, strenuous exercise, illness, drastic changes in weight and diet.

  7. You lose a lot of blood during your period and should therefore rest a lot.

    You lose about seven tablespoons of blood during your period. So no need to panic or lie down.

  8. Some types of food are bad for you when you have your period.

    When it comes to eating during your period the same rules apply as when you don’t have your period, so no need to drastically change your diet during your period. However, you might need more iron if you tend to lose a lot of blood during your period.

  9. If you don’t get your period you’re definitely pregnant!

    There are many factors that can delay your period. So a delay in your period doesn’t necessarily mean you’re pregnant. Your period could be late due to stress, weight gain or loss or other life changes.

    But if you’ve had sex, and your period is nowhere in sight; take a pregnancy test! That way you’ll know for sure.

  10. PMS/PMT is all in the mind.

    This myth probably remains from a time when Premenstrual Syndrome was looked at as an imagined disease. However, modern medicine proves that this is simply not the case.

    It’s for real, and as many as 85% of all women experience some sort of symptoms.