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Hey Girls - My Period cards

My Period is a new resource to help schools have positive conversations with their pupils about periods. We know that there is a very wide spectrum of what, how and when education about periods is delivered in schools. Existing PSHE / RSHP guidelines mention periods, but not in great detail. With schools in Scotland providing free period products for pupils, and England and Wales following suit, now is the time to ensure all pupils have access to high quality education about periods.

To complement the physical learning tool, Hey Girls has created comprehensive schools’ pack available to download for free.


The Primary School Pack includes:

  • Teachers’ Guide
  • Plans for 2 Activities and 4 Lessons for use with pupils aged 8+
  • Full Learning Spiral linked to Curriculum benchmarks in Scotland, England and Wales
  • Hints and Tips for Assemblies, Extra Curricular Activities, running a Period Poverty campaign, and distributing period products in your school
Hey Girls - Education pack
Hey Girls Primary School Pack

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The Secondary School Pack includes:

  • Teachers’ Guide, including advice on integrating period education across your school
  • Plans for 5 Activities and 7 Lessons for use across the school
  • Full Learning Spiral linked to Curriculum benchmarks in Scotland, England and Wales
  • Hints and Tips for Assemblies, Extra Curricular Activities, running a Period Poverty campaign, and distributing period products in your school
Hey Girls - all the girls

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Training for Schools

Hey Girls runs free Train the Trainer sessions for schools that buy Hey Girls period products. Get in touch with your Local Authority to find out about training in your area or email


Since March 2018, Hey Girls has been working closely with partner schools, colleges and universities to help distribute period products. Over the last year, we have seen some amazing examples of best practice. As free period products become more and more available, we thought it would be helpful to bring together recommendations into an easy Step-By-Step guide.

This guide is for anyone responsible for distributing period products. We hope it is helpful for decision-makers in schools, colleges, universities and Local Authorities across the UK. It is designed to share best practice in product distribution that is emerging in Scotland, and give you ideas for how providing free products could work in your setting. We want to support you to support your students.

In 2018, Hey Girls undertook consultation to find out what the gaps were in period education. We spoke to pupils, teachers, schools, stakeholders and the general public. Our research showed that current provision of period education at the end of Primary School is often quite good. The problem is that learning is often delivered only once, and often only to girls. We’re calling on Secondary Schools can do more to continue the conversation and create positive environments for pupils to ask questions about the changes happening to their bodies.

Read more about our approach to period education in our blog

The Primary and Secondary School packs provide full Learning Spiral linked to curriculum benchmarks in Scotland, England and Wales.

My Period is intended to achieve the following overarching learning outcomes:

  • Stimulating discussion to reduce stigma
  • Empowering people and boosting confidence
  • Sharing practical tips
  • Conveying biological facts

Hey Girls supports the following key messages when having conversations about periods with people of all ages and genders:

  • Being positive about menstruation
  • Acknowledging a range of experiences
  • Encouraging body confidence and body positivity
  • Including everyone in the conversation (those who have periods and those who don’t)
  • Interrogating our attitudes towards periods
  • Dismantling stigma and taboo
  • Making period education fun!

Hey Girls My Period cards were designed to help start conversations about periods. We’ve found that one of the best ways to tackle this previously taboo topic is to get students talking and asking questions. The cards can be used by themselves during small group work or as teaching aids within lessons.

My Period comprises 50 cards covering every aspect of menstruation. Each card has an image on one side and an explanation on the other. They are an ideal resource to use whenever the topic of menstruation arises, constantly reinforcing the message that it’s OK – everywhere in school – to talk about periods. We have devised a range of activities you might want to use in either mixed or single gender groups, both large and small.

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We strongly recommend that all schools build period education into their existing PSHE / RSHP curriculum. One of the main problems with past period education is that the topic was often only covered once (often when pupils were very young, and often with only female pupils in the room). We feel it is very important to return to the topic at least annually in mixed-gender classes from the age of 8. Read why here

These resources provide Lesson Plans and Activity ideas for use across the school. These can be adopted directly into your provision, or selected and adapted to complement your current offering. Lessons focus on the basic practicalities and biology in the early years, with older pupils examining how messaging in the media can shape stigma and taboo, exploring reusable period products, and learning about related medical conditions and when to seek help if something is wrong. My Period includes a range of activities from 10 minutes up to a full double lesson, to allow full flexibility in integrating periods across your existing curriculum. You will know what your school already delivers in terms of puberty and menstrual education and whether there are any gaps.

We are in the process of creating a Best Practice Network to share learning and ideas – both in the distribution of free period products, and in providing empowering education. Please get in touch at