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Why Period Education Matters

Hey Girls - My Period Cards

Here at Hey Girls we are working hard to end period poverty in the UK. Our Buy One Give One business model is helping to increase access to free products – but this is not enough. We need high quality education about periods that breaks down the stigma and taboo surrounding menstruation.

In 2018, Hey Girls undertook consultation to find out what the gaps in period education were. We spoke to pupils, teachers, schools, stakeholders and the general public. Our research showed that current provision of period education at the end of Primary School is often quite good. The problem is that learning is often delivered only once, and often only to girls. We’re calling on Secondary Schools can do more to continue the conversation and create positive environments for pupils to ask questions about the changes happening to their bodies. We’re also calling on community groups to ensure that the conversation doesn’t stop when school stops, and that learning and sharing about periods continues – supporting women throughout their lives, from menarche to menopause and beyond.

To support these aims, Hey Girls has worked closely with partners to create a new education resource – My Period – to help schools, youth groups, and community workers to deliver high quality period education in a variety of settings.

We’ve also developed resources aimed specifically at boys, and run a campaign for Dads, to make sure that everyone can talk about periods and we can end the stigma once and for all.