News | Sustainable living | 18.09.20


Hey Girls launch national #DONTRUSHTOFLUSH campaign, alongside new anti-flush messaging on all disposable wrappers!

Did you know that an estimated 4.6 million period products are flushed down UK toilets EVERY DAY? Yep, we’re crying too. 

Many of us are brought up to think that flushing used pads and tampons down the loo is a perfectly normal thing. Often, because of the stigma and shame that hangs around periods, many of us flush just to avoid the embarrassment of having to use bins outside of the cubicle. And more often than not, bins aren’t even available… So, what’s a girl to do? 

We want to empower and educate our community to make clever choices in their period habits, which is why we have launched our brand new campaign, #DONTRUSHTOFLUSH!

We’d like to introduce you to The Disposables; a family no one wants to see at the beach. 

When period products are flushed down our lavvy’s, they often end up blocking and damaging our water systems. These blockages are thought to cost the UK taxpayer around £6.5 million annually – money we’d rather spend elsewhere. 

To make matters worse, if these pads and tampons make their way through the water system, it takes them directly to the ocean. Period products are one of the most commonly found litters on British beaches, and on average, can even be picked up every 100 meters on Scottish sands.

We are now making it our priority to get The Disposables off of our beaches, and into the bin – where they belong! Our 2 week long #DONTRUSHTOFLUSH campaign coincides with The Great British Beach Clean, and will feature The Disposable Family on posters across Edinburgh city centre. 

Hey Girls No Flush Wrapper

Hey Girls are also taking steps to make each of our own disposable products as anti-flush as possible. All pads, digital and applicator tampon wrappers will now display a “DO NOT FLUSH” sign on each individual product. Alongside the no flush messaging on all product boxes, we hope this step will encourage our customers to think before they flush. 

In true Hey Girls style, it’s time to get the conversation flowing and make sure that no one is left behind when learning about how to safely and responsibly dispose of your period products. 

Keep your eyes peeled for our fantastic new range of disposable packaging, as well as The Disposable family featured around Edinburgh city centre and online.

Want to get involved? Share this campaign with your own online community, friends and family. Let’s make sure everyone knows to WRAP IT, BIN IT, and NEVER FLUSH IT DOWN THE LOO!


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