News | 10.10.21

Lunch & Learn events now live!

Lunch & Learn Hey Girls

Last week we ran our first ever digital Lunch & Learn get-together for our much-loved community partners!

As well as a presentation about Hey Girls from co-founder and donations director Kate Smith, Tina and Shona from Freedom4Girls joined us to present a case study of how they are helping combat period poverty to a packed audience of fellow donation partner groups.

Hey Girls works with around 150 community partners ranging from women’s refuges, food banks and homeless shelters, that distribute our period products free of charge to those in need.

Lunch & Learn Hey Girls
Vicky, Chapman from PKAVS Arbroath, who attended Hey Girls’ first Lunch & Learn event for donation partners

Kate Smith from Hey Girls, said: “With 1 in 10 people still unable to access or afford basic period care, the UK is facing a very real problem. We’ve heard stories of people having to use loo roll, socks, cut up old t-shirts and even bread because they cannot get the products they need. With the fuel increases and rising unemployment at the moment it may well get worse. We are all fighting for the same cause and it was great to unite our community partners together today at the Lunch & Learn.”

Freedom4Girls Hey Girls Freedom4Girls has been working with Hey Girls as a distribution partner since 2020 after Celia Hodson, CEO & Founder of Hey Girls heard Tina Leslie, Founder of Freedom4Girls being interviewed on Women’s Hour on BBC Radio 4.

Tina Leslie from Freedom4Girls, who spoke at Hey Girls’ first virtual Lunch & Learn event for donation partners

Since 2020, Freedom 4 Girls has distributed 29,000 period packs to people in need in Leeds as well as 16,000 individual period products, including 600 period cups and reusables.

peer learning lunch and learn hey girls

The online Lunch & Learn events offer valuable insights (and some helpful takeaways) into how volunteers and organisations are reaching those in need in neighbourhoods all around the country. They also provide a chance to get together and share experiences in helping eradicate period poverty.

As this was such a great success, we will be running these every other month. Well done Kate and Hannah from the donations team for pulling all this together, it was simply fantastic! If you are interested in becoming a donation partner or are already a donation partner and would like to attend the next event, simply email