News | 15.07.22

Multinational business partners with Hey Girls to end UK period poverty

Hey Girls period pants

Hey Girls’ award-winning products will be stocked in the offices of one of Europe’s largest companies thanks to an exciting new partnership.

Multinational software company SAP will offer our products to its employees in a number of its UK offices in a bid to increase period dignity.

The partnership comes as part of SAP’s 5&5 by ’25 initiative, which aims to direct 5% of its addressable procurement spend to social enterprises by 2025.

As per our buy one, donate one model, the partnership will also benefit vulnerable people around the country who do not have access to affordable period products.

For every period product purchased by SAP, Hey Girls will donate a period product to a community partner in the UK.

This partnership between SAP and Hey Girls offers both period dignity in the workplace and reduces period poverty in local communities.

Celia Hodson, Hey Girls Founder and CEO, said: “We couldn’t be happier to have a company on the scale of SAP join us in our fight to improve period dignity and end period poverty here in the UK.

“SAP joins a host of businesses in supporting their staff by offering free period products, recognising access to safe and hygienic products is a human right, and not a luxury.

“We look forward to seeing this partnership blossom and helping more vulnerable people across the UK through our buy one, donate one model.”

All products supplied to SAP will be entirely free of plastic and made using sustainably-sourced plant-based materials. This is another aspect that totally aligns with SAP’s global mission to eradicate single-use plastic waste from the supply chain.

As with all products we produce, they are also chemical-free and made without any perfumes that can have a harmful effect on your body.

Kelvin Ward, Procurement Manager at SAP, said: “All of us at SAP are delighted to have partnered with Hey Girls.

“Our 5&5 by ‘25 initiative is all about supporting social enterprises who are driving positive change in our communities and supporting those in need.

“Hey Girls does great work both in improving period dignity for people in businesses up and down the UK, but also ensuring period poverty is eradicated once and for all.

“It is exactly the kind of social enterprise we are so proud to work with.”

If you would like to introduce a period dignity scheme to your business, learn more about the benefits here.