News | 20.05.22

Hey Belfast! Capital sees ‘unprecedented’ demand for Hey Girls in partnership pilot

Hey Girls Full Cycle Kit

The quest to end period poverty in Northern Ireland has taken a significant step forward thanks to a recent partnership with Hey Girls.

Hey Girls teamed up with Belfast City Council to launch a pilot scheme in the city earlier this year, offering free environmentally-friendly period products to residents within the council area.

Launched at the end of March, the scheme aimed to highlight the issue of sanitary waste and period poverty.

The scheme saw unprecedented demand, with more than 2,750 orders made in less than 24 hours.

Georgie Nicholson, Contracts and Partnerships Manager at Hey Girls, said: “This pilot scheme shows just how high demand is for period products in Northern Ireland.

“Period poverty affects one in 10 people in the UK – something we should not be saying in 2022. Giving people access to free environmentally-friendly period products not only has a humanitarian benefit, but also helps improve the awful situation surrounding single-use sanitary waste.

“We hope the pilot scheme will have inspired more organisations and businesses in Northern Ireland to work with Hey Girls to help provide more products to those in need and achieve our goal of ending period poverty once and for all.”

Both Hey Girls and Belfast City Council received widespread praise through social media for the pilot scheme, with more than 95,000 people reached through council social media platforms.

Hey Girls Full Kit

Single-use period products generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste every year in the UK, with environmentally-friendly or reusable products such as those offered by Hey Girls helping to reduce the impact on the world.

Northern Ireland had been the only part of the UK without a permanent scheme in place to tackle period poverty until earlier this year.

We continue to eagerly await Royal Assent for The Period Products (Free Provision) Bill, which will see period products made freely available in public buildings across Northern Ireland.

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