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Hey Girls speak at flagship British Academy menstruation event

Hey Girls British Academy Menstruation 2021

The story of Hey Girls and our first-hand experience of fighting UK period poverty was showcased on the national stage today, after staff member Becca Bell gave a headline talk at the British Academy Conference ‘Menstruation: sharing experiences from the global north and south’.

Hey Girls The British Academy
Becca Bell from Hey Girls at The British Academy

The panel discussed the complexity of menstrual issues in a variety of locations to draw connections between geographical locations and disciplines.

It presented research to tackle the menstrual stigmas and taboos which limit access to education, employment and human rights, the problem of “period poverty”, of not being able to afford menstrual products, and research and initiatives to challenge this including representation of menstruation in the media, medical profession and arts.

Hey Girls at The British Academy

Becca Bell, Senior Partnerships Lead for Hey Girls, said: “It is was great to be asked to speak as such as prestigious and powerful event. With 1 in 10 people still experiencing period poverty in the UK there is still more to be done. The conference brought together campaigners, artists, activists and researchers from all parts of the country and disciplines to unite as one voice to help fight for period equality.”

The lived experience of menstruation is increasingly at the forefront of news and research given the rise in period poverty in the UK and debates around stigma and exclusion at an international level.  The conference focused on the representation of menstruation and menstrual stigma across a range of disciplines, geographic areas, and menstruators’ experiences.

Hey Girls

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