Private Sector

Period dignity is essential to health and well-being at work. It’s only right that your women team members should have menstrual protection provided in every working environment. Here at Hey Girls, we’re aiming to make free sanitary products in the workplace the norm.

The Hey Girls Period Dignity campaign is part and parcel of a wider campaign to assist employers, leisure and facility providers to make conditions a little more equal for women at work and play.

Did you know that 68% of women we chatted to who got their period at work left immediately if they didn’t have the right product to hand? So, here’s your opportunity to do good for your workforce, and your local community.

The Hey Girls Buy One Give One pledge means that every product you purchase will be matched with a donation to a local charity; providing period dignity in your company, you will also contribute to our fight against Period Poverty in the UK.

If you run a company, manage an office, or deliver hospitality and events, give us a hoy and we’ll put our Period Dignity calculator to use to understand how much product you’ll need.

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