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How to wash and care for your reusable period pads

Reusable period pads – everything you need to know.

Welcome to the #ReusableRevolution! Here at Hey Girls, we pride our range on its sustainability and easy-care ethos. Cloth pads are a great alternative for anyone who wants to have some options in their period product collection. Whether you’re not ready for tampons or just prefer to wear pads for a break from internal products, our bamboo reusable pads will keep you leak-free and cosy! They have even been described as “a dressing gown for your lady bits”! So, let’s find out how to take care of our pads!  

Hey Girls reusable pads are made from high-tech bamboo fibres and are available in day or night absorbencies. They both have the same levels of absorbency, but the overnight pads are a bit longer to prevent any pesky leaks when you’re catching some beauty sleep. Both day and night come with a matching wet-bag, which can be used to store your spare pads, or to keep any used pads tucked away when you’re out and about. The following steps can be applied to both day and night designs.


  • Like any reusable product, it’s always clever to give them a wash before first use – just like you would if you were to buy a new pair of knickers.
  • Wear the plain bamboo charcoal side next to your body and the pattern side against your underwear.
  • The wings wrap around the gusset of your underwear, and the buttons pop together to form a secure seal.
  • Once your pad is in place, you’re good to go! You can wear the pads for the amount of time as you would a normal disposable pad, so depending on your flow you’ll know how often you need to change.
  • If you’re out and need to change your pad, simply fold the pad inwards and reseal with the buttons then pop into your wet-bag to keep them safe.
Pads on pants
fold pads


  • After you’ve worn your pad and you’re ready to wash them, it’s always a good idea to pre-rinse them with natural soap or cold water to help prevent staining. Soak the pads and ring them dry until the water runs clear.
  • You can hand or machine wash the pads, stick to a 40’ cycle and avoid using heavy fabric conditioner – this can affect the absorbency of the material inside the pads.


  • After they’ve been in a rinse, stretch each side of the pad to the opposite direction so it can revert back to its original shape.
  • Air drying is recommended – this is a tumble free zone!
  • A top tip is to wrap your pads round a bathroom radiator if you have one, as this is a great way to keep your pads in shape and help them dry quickly.
wash pads


  • How long are your reusable pads?

Our cloth pads come in day, which are 22cm long and 18cm wide and overnight, which are 27cm long and 18cm wide.

  • What are your reusable pads made from?

Our pads are paraben free and vegan friendly. They are made from two layers of micro fibre bamboo. The top layer that sits against your body has a soft fleece texture, so it’s super cosy and fast drying.

  • How long will the reusable pad last?

If you take care of your pads, they’ll take care of you. On an average use, your pads can last in good condition for up to 4 years.


These pads are great. The soft material is really comfortable and the wings with poppers keep the pad in place. – Julie

Honestly the best ones I’ve had, will definitely be buying from here from now on! Great quality way easier to wash that some brands, comfortable and better for the environment! Love mine. – Anderson

I wish I’d made the switch a long time ago! Absolutely love the reusable pads, so comfortable, no rustling, very absorbent and waste free. Love them! And the deliveries come beautifully wrapped and the staff are lovely ❤️ – Claire

And that’s it! Everything you need to know about our reusable period pads.  Give them a try today!